About me

In this world of change and distraction, the quality that I strive for in my work is a quiet simplicity. Making pots is a ritual – a celebration of the physical nature of being, and a renewal of life’s energy, unfolding through the process of making. The adventure is in the pursuit.
Using the language of wood-firing, I create a personal vocabulary portraying the Australian landscape to which I am greatly attracted. My form is influenced by Art Nouveau or Jugendstil, reflecting the other half of my heritage.
Techniques are informed by pottery from China, Korea, Japan and Germany.


What’s so special about wood firing?

“I am attracted to the wood-fired pot by the total carelessness of how each mark is made, as if delivered by chance.”

Coming from tradition

“I have a link with the craft traditions of my birthplace Persia, and through my life explorations and influences from the Middle East, Germany and China and Japan.”

The aesthetics of wood firing

“Unaware at the time we were embracing a very important aspect of aesthetics, an aspect often ignored in our western culture, the tactile importance of the work of art.”

Ceramic Education

Lecture given at the 5th National Ceramics Conference in Sydney – 1988